Brothers In Arms Versions

The original 1985 issue is the one that sounds the best, not the 1996 remastered version. There were various 1985 versions released all having the same catalogue number.

The best versions are the ones with matrix number 07 or higher. (The matrix number is etched on the CD itself.)

IMG_1638IMG_1641Matrix 02 and 03 are mastered by John Dent.

A little later is another version mastered by Bob Ludwig (who also did the remastered version, so beware!) and will have a matrix number of 07 or higher (not yet confirmed 04-05-06.)

Other clues are:
The left and right channels between the Dent and Ludwig versions are reversed.
At the start of track 1 (So Far Away) the high-hat is in right channel in the Dent version and in the left channel on the Ludwig version.

IMG_1640IMG_1644The Dent version also doesn’t credit Sting for the songwriting of Money for Nothing.

The Dent version has a single credit for Mastering by John Dent

IMG_1639IMG_1642The Dent version has Made in W.Germany by PolyGram printed on the outer edge of the front of the CD label, whilst the Ludwig version just has Made in W.Germany.

There is an interesting interview with Neil Dorfsman about the recording process on this album in Sound on Sound from May 2006 and in Mix Magazine from January 1999.

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