Flowers For Mrs Harris – Recording Released Today

It’s here! CDs now available from Dress Circle, and can be downloaded from iTunes.

“What an exceptional piece of work this recording is! Heart-warming, sensitive and touching, led by the amazing Clare Burt.” – Michael Crawford

“The storytelling conveyed on the cast album is sublime” BroadwayWorld

“The intimacy and emotional connection of the show is captured so beautifully. Clare Burt and Mark Meadows imbue each line with honesty and such masterful storytelling through voice from the outset that you’re immediately transported, not a skill so often achieved by many cast recordings. The ability to maintain this absorption throughout is one of the biggest hallmarks of this album.”Westendbestfriend

“A poignant and heart-warming listen”LondonTheatre1

“This cast recording is just as emotionally affecting as watching the actual show, and that, in 2020, is simply a gift that can’t be measured.”Westendbestfriend

“A charming musical with a huge heart and one of the best translations to an album I’ve had the pleasure of listening to.”BroadwayWorld

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