EM 9046 8 Channel Receiver

square_louped_EM_9046_01_sq_sennheiserThe EM9046 is an eight-channel rack mount receiver with 328 MHz of switching bandwidth covering the UHF range from 470 to 798 MHz. The highly intuitive icon-based user interface provides a complete overview of the system via a large TFT display.  The receiver, designed for maximum spectral efficiency, eliminates the need for complex intermodulation calculations and can provide up to 14 radio mic channels within one TV band.

The system offers uncompressed digital audio transmission, free from intermodulation, with stunning purity of sound and dynamics far ahead of analogue wireless transmission. The digital system is easy to set up and operate, while an intuitive user interface provides a clear, comprehensive system overview with a built-in graphical spectrum analyser and RF level recorder.

  • 24-bit transmission system from transmitter to receiver
  • In High Definition (HD) mode there is uncompressed digital audio transmission
  • In Long Range (LR) mode, a new Sennheiser data compression codec gives a greater range and allows the system to work more effectively in areas where there is a higher level of RF noise.
  • Encryption mode for confidentiality guarantees that nothing other than the receiver a transmitter has been synchronised to can decode the audio signal. This has no effect on quality or latency of the signal.
  • Latency is 3.2ms for analogue output or 3.0ms for the digital AES 3 output

The antenna booster is remotely controlled via the RF cables and contains highly selective filters that each allow a 24 MHz frequency window to pass.


Both the quick guide and full manual can be downloaded from the Sennheiser website (and search for EM 9046).

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