Lottolab – Seeing Instruments

   Seeing Instruments 2Seeing Instruments 1

The Instruments were designed by Nick Kary and Beau Lotto with audio system and programming supplied by Loh Humm.

A series of Apple computers receives information from the built in cameras. A Lottolab software programmed translates the video into MIDI and this is fed to a Muse Research Receptor. A series of instrument sounds can be selected randomly and these are individually fed to speakers above each instrument.

The Seeing Instruments were first shown at the Wellcome Foundation, London as part of Lottolab’s Seeing Myself See exhibition in May 2010.


They travelled to Dublin’s Science Gallery for Biorhythm: Music and the Body exhibition in August 2010.

They have put in various appearances at the Science Museum Lates in the Lottolab gallery.

Further information can be found on the Lottolab website.

Audio concept by Mike Walker and Beau Lotto; Muse Receptor programming by Vince Hudson.

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